PRP Sports Performance Training

PRP is a Sports Performance organization that specializes in holistic planning and execution of training plans tailored to the needs of an individual for their sport.

Our mission is to deliver tangible results based on data for our athletes, while prioritizing their health and longevity throughout their careers.

We implement a bottom up approach with our athletes, in order to immediately identify and then attack the weakest link in the chain. This process allows us to build a robust athlete who has the ability to consistently adapt, and excel in their domain of sport or sports.

At PRP, on the turf and in the cages baseball is our primary focus. In the weight room, we are able to customize plans for all athletes with state-of-the-art weight room and staffing.

Our Sports Performance Membership options are for all athletes ages 13 and up. We will set goals and crush daily workouts to improve your in-game performance, skill acquisition, strength, and health.


Membership Options

All memberships are monthly and require a minimum of 3 months to start. Once the 3 months requirement has been reached, athletes have a choice to re-up for another 3 months, or can pay monthly if they choose.

3 Month Price:

2-days/ week: $94.99 monthly ($284.97 for 3 months +$25.00 profile fee)

3-days/ week: $134.99 monthly ($404.97 for 3 months + $25.00 profile fee)

4-days/ week: $174.99 monthly ($524.97 for 3 months + $25.00 profile fee)

*one lifetime profile processing fee of $25 at first sign-up