Primetime Softball

Program Philosophy

At Indiana Primetime Softball we believe in preparation first. Our coaches are working hard to prepare our players for game and life situations. We spend ample time focusing on fundamentals of the game of fast pitch softball to ensure our players are developing their overall game. Coaches demand respect, hard work, determination, and teamwork development from all of their players in our program. Indiana Primetime Softball players are taught to respect the game of softball. While having fun we encourage a learning environment where players can reflect on the coaching they receive.

The Primetime Softball Program offers the following to our players:

State of the Art Facility.  Primetime is the exclusive travel softball team at Finch Creek Fieldhouse.  No other softball organizations use Finch Creek for their team practices.
All players receive a year-round membership to Finch Creek Fieldhouse.
Teams will receive Fall practices, Winter practices, Spring practices and Summer practices.  During the warm months, teams will have the option to practice 1-2 times a week, indoor or outdoor.
10% discounts on small group training, clinics and camps at Finch Creek.
High level support from upper management.
Coaching clinics to develop the Primetime coaches within the organization.
Annual family event at an Indianapolis Indians game.
Uniforms included in the fees.
Schedule includes Fall Tournaments, Winter Tournaments, Spring Tournaments for non-high school teams and Summer Tournaments.