PRP Yoga Powered by Indy Yoga Movement

PRP Yoga

We are excited to announce we have partnered with Indy Yoga Movement to provide our athletes with yoga classes in our weight room beginning in April!

Yoga provides huge benefits for all athletes.  For baseball specifically, the sessions will attack mobility, core stability, balance and coordination, shoulder and hip stability, endurance, controlling breathing, focus, and tying in the physical/mental side of performance.

More benefits from Yoga:

  • Improved overall strength

  • Improved calmness

  • Improved self efficacy

  • Improved coping skills

This will challenge all of our athletes in new ways, especially in-season, to help maintain health and focus.

We strongly encourage all to give this an opportunity this spring as we begin adding sessions each week.  This will grow into more opportunities in summer and next off-season.

Parents and non-baseball athletes are welcome too!  You do not have to train with us to participate in our Yoga classes.

We will be offering sessions at the following times beginning the week of April 15th:

  • Wednesday’s at 6-7pm and 7-8pm and Sunday’s at 2-3pm and 3-4pm

We will add more depending on attendance and demand!


Cost: Everyone gets 1 FREE SESSION with active prp membership ($20 value)

Per session: $15

Non-Member – $20

Member 8 pack – $99

Non-Member 8 pack – $120

PRP Member Monthly unlimited – $59

Non-Member Unlimited – $79

Sessions run 1 hour.  Personal yoga mats are encouraged, but we have a handful of extras.