Advanced PRP (Ages 15-18) Monthly Membership Training


PRP offers monthly memberships for athletes 15-18 years old that include unlimited training, individualized programming, small group guided workouts, and data tracking. These membership options include pitching, hitting, and weight training. All members receive 50% off defensive classes and a free showcase.

We offer training sessions 5-7 days per week for pitching, hitting, and weight training. Your membership gives you 100% access to these workouts and if you cannot make it then you still have workouts programmed for you on your online profile to complete.

Our goal is to maximize development for each and every athlete through individualized assessments and programming to promote healthy, long-term development.

Commitment to developing your game to the next level is in our motto. Being passionate about your training, resilient to downfalls and struggles, and trusting the process of long-term development!

The memberships also include PRP meetings with nutritions and physical therapists, PRP Nike shirt, FREE PRP Showcase per year (6-12 month registrations only), and FREE admission to our yearly Coaching Conference called Bridge The Gap.

These PRP memberships do not include a membership to Finch Creek Fieldhouse, but they get you access to any and all workouts hosted by PRP at Finch Creek.

When signing up, choose the service and the time commitment that you want.  To finalize your sign-up, the day that you register will be the same day each month that the credit card provided gets billed.  Months purchased begin as soon as the assessment is completed and the months run consecutively. There are no refunds.

Choose from the membership options below:

12-Month ALL (Hit and Throw) –  $229/mo
12-Month Throwing  –  $199/mo
12-Month Hitting  –  $199/mo
9-Month ALL (Hit and Throw) –  $279/mo
9-Month Throwing –  $249/mo
9-Month Hitting –  $229/mo
6-Month ALL (Hit and Throw)  $299/mo
6-month Throwing   –  $279/mo
6-Month Hitting  –  $259/mo
3-Month ALL (Hit and Throw) –   $359/mo
3- Month Throwing   –   $329/mo
3 Month Hitting  –   $299/mo


Please email for options