PRP Monthly Membership Training

PRP offers monthly unlimited training for several different services listed below.  These options come in varying time commitments. The longer the commitment, the bigger the discount per month.  All options are include unlimited sessions. Our goal is to maximize the amount of time and workouts per month to train every athlete to promote long-term development.

Both the hitting and throwing options come with the weight training portion of the program along with the skill development.

The memberships also include PRP meetings with nutritions and physical therapists, PRP Nike shirt, FREE PRP Showcase per year (6-12 month registrations only), and FREE admission to our yearly Coaching Conference called Bridge The Gap.

These PRP memberships do not include a membership to Finch Creek Fieldhouse, but they get you access to any and all workouts hosted by PRP at Finch Creek.

When signing up, choose the service and the time commitment that you want.  To finalize your sign-up, the day that you register will be the same day each month that the credit card provided gets billed.  Months purchased begin as soon as the assessment is completed and the months run consecutively. There are no refunds.

After signing up, you will receive confirmation of the registration along with scheduling software, important information for training, access to our YouTube Channel with 300+ videos, and request to schedule your assessment with our staff.

The on-boarding assessment will be a 1-on-1 meeting with PRP Staff member to discuss goals, training history, and get a full skill assessment (throwing or hitting). The assessment is a one-time $99 cost that will give you your personal profile, high-speed camera footage, drills focusing on areas to improve, learn our warm-up protocols, and some of the baseline tests all in first workout with our staff.

Choose from the services below:

12-Month ALL (Hit and Throw) $199/mo
12-Month Throwing $179/mo
12-Month Hitting $159/mo
6-Month ALL (Hit and Throw) $279/mo
6-month Throwing $249/mo
6-Month Hitting $229/mo
3-Month ALL (Hit and Throw) $329/mo
3- Month Throwing $299/mo
3 Month Hitting $299/mo